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Eight Pillars of Wellness 

Wellness is the active pursuit of YOUR needs, wants and behavioral/lifestyle changes goals and because you are multidimensional, so are your goals. We approach wellness according to 8 pillars:


  • Occupational: Does the work that you do, outside of your personal life, bring value to your life? Is that work aligned with your values?

  • Physical: How are you taking care of your body, both inside and out? How do you move it, fuel it, respect it?

  • Social: Are your personal and professional circle(s) supportive of you? Do you give and receive within those circles?

  • Intellectual: Are you keeping your mind active and sharp? Are you learning new and challenging skills?

  • Emotional: Do you have a mature connection to your feelings? Are you connected and able to express them?

  • Spiritual: Who and what you believe in? Are those beliefs in line with your values?

  • Financial: Do you have a healthy relationship with your money? Are you able to support the life that you want?

  • Environmental: How is the relationship between you and the greater community(s) that you are part of? Are they healthy, safe and productive?

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