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She Does Take Control 

(Group Coaching Sessions) 

We are all on a wellness journey, travelling down our own personal path. Regardless of where you are on that path, you know what you want. Now, lets work on how to get you there! You can make changes and take control of your wellness.  The first step is to recognize the choices you are making and be conscious of them as you make them. The beauty of your wellness is that YOU are in charge. 

During the She Does Take Control workshop, you will create a personal plan with the why’s and how’s. You will control your journey. More importantly, you will start to control what that journey looks like. Together, we will identify and utilize your personal strengthens to keep you progressing towards your wellness goal(s)


  • You are a priority

  • You are your best advocate

  • You deserve this


Adia has became my life/fitness coach for life, she established zoom workouts when we really needed your help, expertise, patience and beautiful smile. I love her workouts they are challenging and excellent for the body. She give modifications and encourage us and reminds us to only do what you can. She is kind hearted and care for everyone's well being as she give health tips that are educational.  -Angela

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