She Does Movement

 (Physical Activity) 

The She Does Movement series adds a fitness component to your overall wellness.  Physical activity helps to manage weight, promotes emotional well-being, improves flexibility, offers a better night’s sleep, helps to offset chronic pain and the onset of disease.

Studies show that participating in group fitness classes can: 

  • Increases personal motivation and self-confidence 

  • Increases the likelihood of maintain a physical fitness regiment

  • Promotes "feel-good” endorphins both during and after exercising

First class is $33.00 each additional class is $5.00

(Classes are non-refundable, non-transferable; )

Welcome to She Does Movement!!

I love Adia's workouts I attend beginners Pilates and Barre both classes I have never taken before.  Adia makes the class fun and pushes you to your next level each class.  My flexibility and stamina has improved and I see changes in the mirror.  I would highly recommend you come join the family.